HID Street Light

Item No.:H12703-C-25

●  Rugged die-cast aluminum housing is powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance.

●  Die-cast trigger latch on door frame enables easy and secure one-hand opening for re-lamping and maintenance.

●  Large surface area “breathing seal” gasket seals the optical chamber to prevent intrusion by insects and environmental contaminants.  Heat-resistant  gasket material remains effective over the life of the fixture.

●  Photocontrol receptacle is adjustable without tools.

●  E39 mogul base socket standard.

●  High power factor PF ≥0.9.

●  Waterproof rubber seal to prevent bird nest.(standard)

●  Special sticker indicate the capacity of the fixture

●  NEMA type photocontrol receptacle (standard)

●  High quality terminal block for quick and secure installation.(standard)

●  Two-bolt mast arm mount provides easy, secure installation and adjustability for arm from 1.1/4" to 2" diameter. 

●  Semi cut-off glass lighting pattern

●  Stainless steel screws for long lasting. (standard)

●  All electrical components warranted by Shanghai LITE-WAY Lighting Appliance CO. LTD 's 6 year guarantee

   Models in :



   240V- 60Hz,

   120V-277V/60HZ Multivoltage

● Lighting sources: HPS 150/250/400W

● Approved it by EDENORTE

Roadways / Residential streets / Storage areas / Parking lots / Campuses / Parks

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