Pencil Control

Item No.:J02186
Rated Voltage :120-277VAC
Rated Frequency:50-60Hz
Rated Loading:500W Tungsten 850VA Ballast 5A E-Ballast
Power Consumption:2W
Operate Level:10~20Lx on 30~80Lx Off
Ambient Temperature:-40°C~+70°C
Related Humidity:99%RH
Leads Length:180mm or Customer request (AWG#18)

Product Summary

The photoelectric switch L02186 is applicable to control the street lighting, passage lighting and doorway lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting level.

This product is designed with electronic circuits. It’s quicker response with time delay of 3-10 seconds offers easy-to-test feature. Especially, model L02186 provides a wide voltage range for customer applications under almost power supplies.

Further, a preset 3-10 seconds time-delay might avoid mis-operation due to spotlight or lightning during the night time.

This product has been listed by UL Inc and is comply with the Standard for Non-industrial Photoelectric Switches for Lighting Control UL773A.

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