Pencil Control

Item No.:J11206
Rated Voltage :120VAC
1000 Tungsten 1800VA Ballast

Swivel control

Applicable to control passage lighting and doorway lighting automatically in accordance with the ambient lighting level.

Optional swivel with the sensor/switch body for convenient direction adjustment after installation.

Raintight, applicable for outdoor purpose.

Light shielding slide for performance adjustment.


Thermal switch    Polycarbonate enclosure & eye    1/2" CdS photocell

1/2" threaded conduit, with rubber gasket & Zinc alloy lock -nut.    On-Off levels: 10-20Lx On (Dusk); 30-60Lx Off (Dawn); Ambient Temp: -40°C-+70°C    Related Humidity: 96%    Power consumption: 1.5VA Max    Electrical Life: 6500 cycles

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