LED Flood Light Rechargeable

Item No:L03095
Beam Angle: 120°
Size(mm): L135*W127*H265
Charging Time: 5H
Working Time: 4H
Color of Housing: Yellow


● All Fittings are fully Charged before Delivery.

● Please only use the Chargers supplied with this Unit.

● LED Indicator will Flash Red/ Green While Charging.

● When Fully Charged The LED Indicator will turn Green.

Power Settings

● Both Models have the ability to run at full power or half   

   power extending the working time of the Portable Flood Light.

● When the battery is running low the LED fitting will start to 

   strobe at this time please re-charge the unit as soon as possible.


● DO NOT turn light on when charging.

● DO NOT leave unit charging for more than 12hours.

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